Cameron County

Martha and Frank Russel moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 1937 and brought land from approximately 20 landowners who had possibly bought the land from C.P Barreda. Barreda's plan for a town had failed so Frank Russel was able to acquire much of that land until he had assembled over 5,000 acres which was put under irrigation. They built there own water pumping plant, which later became a water district. It was a shipping point on the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was renamed Russeltown. The Russel plantation is still very active with varied projects. [Source for Barreda and Russeltown : THE HERITAGE SAMPLER , Margaret McAllen ,New Santander Press,Edinburg,Texas,1991 by the Hidalgo county Historical Museum.


* Please note that the railroad passing near a small community can grow into a huge populated area overnight. This happened all over Texas with the coming of the railroad; however, the depression of the 1930's deflated many of the railroads boom towns.

Addendum: From an interview with Fransisco Ramirez, previous caretaker of La Palma Cemetery. Brownsville,Tx. (see La Palma Cem file ). He stated that he attended 2 or 3 burials there. He had heard of one undocumented person that was interred there. He said quite a few people had been buried in that cemetery. The only person he remembered, having attended a burial, was Sabas Villarreal's burial. PC entry : May 10 , 1996

Cantos V. Canales, CCHC

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