The city of Rancho Viejo

( historical marker ) is located on US 77

4.8 mi . N of Brownsville, Texas. Rancho Viejo (historical marker) is located on U.S. 77, 4.8 mi. N of Brownsville, Texas. Rancho Viejo was the site of the First European settlement in Cameron County. The area was originaly settled by Jose Salvador De La Garza, who built his ranch , El Espirito Santo, here in 1771. [ Source: Hispanic Texas , A Historical Guide, Texas Historical Commisson , Uni of Texas Press, Austin , p. 235.]

The Cemetery is said to be on the Barrera tract:

From The Heritage sampler:

Barrera : Cameron County. Celestino P. Barreda, a Spainard from Cuba became a prominent Brownsville entrepreneur and land owner. In 1928, he subdivided an 11,000 acre tract on the Missouri Pacific* line in Southern Cameron County. He engaged a sales representative in Chicago who organized trainloads of prospective buyers to the embryonic city of Barreda. They were lured by generous owner- financing. The enterprise included a handsome clubhouse with swimming pool. Many orchard tracts were sold, but the onslaught of the great depression prevented most of the buyers from continuing their payments. (see Russelltown).

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Portero Del Espiritu Santo ( Potrero means colt, or colt pasture) granted by Spainto Jose Salvador De La Garza,1781. [ Source : ibid , P. 9.] Cameron County map of 1884 shows the confirmation No. 42 .