According to P.G. Cavazos the San Pedro community was established and settled by the Cavazos family at least by 1800's.

Cemetery was established in 1930 by the Montemayor family. It appears to be located in the San Pedro de Carricitos Land Grant. There was a ranch called San Pedro Ranch. This is why the community is called San Pedro.

Well known city of Brownsville and Cameron County Clerk, Adolphus Glavaecke, lived at the San Pedro Ranch in the 1890's.The cemetery was in use only briefly.

The only records available are those put together by the Cameron County Historical Commission and are listed herein.

The most interesting story is probably the fight to save the cemetery. Land developer encroached onto the cemetery and would have destroyed it had not family members and Cameron County Historical Commission Members stepped in.


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Gus Montemayor believes it was established in 1930 with the burial of his grandfather, Manuel Montemayor, Sr. He believes the last burial was that of the Estefana Esparza in 1934. The cemetery is owned by Abel Longoria Sr. The cemetary is a family cemetary, privately owned, but no longer owned by the Montemayor family. It appears that no burials have taken place since 1934 and the cemetery is no longer in use.