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The area where the site is located is in a triangular shape, but the parameter/ boundary of the graves area is in an irregular rectangular space having the following dimensions: 37ft. {on the side parallel to the highway 281} ; by 56ft. {side next to the medical clinic} by 34 1/2ft.There are at least 17 graves.

Only 2 markers remain; one is of sandstone material, the other is a fleur-de-leis terrazzo like cross.




Generally, the plots are laid out on west to east axis with the headstones to the west and the feet to the east. The facade of the two markers face the rising sun. There is a fence on one side, the side adjacent to the medical clinic.

The cemetary was scraped by heavy machinary at least twice to make room for a parking lot for the medical clinic that was being built adjacent to the cemetary. It was the intention of the landowner / developer to asphalt a major part of the cemetary {over graves} to create a parking lot. Several lovely bushes, trees, and other vegetation were destroyed by the land developer.