The official name listed on U.S. Geological Survey Map, 1956, is LOS SOLDADOS CEMETERY. Locals refer to the cemetery as the Saldoval Cemetery or Los Soldados. The name means soldiers, and the cemetery is located on a ranch previously called Los Soldados or Soldiers Ranch.

The ranch was named Los Soldados because the soldiers from Ft. Brown (the cavalry) would stop at the ranch to water their horses on their patrol route. The soldiers used the ranch as a watering stop in the early 1900's and maybe even until the 1920's.

The cemetery is for the burial of the Sandoval family. Efforts have been made to locate descendants, but none have been located yet. A recent burial was that of Carolina, a Sandoval family member.

The age of the cemetery cannot be detemined because most tombstones do nothave names or dates. The few visible death dates are in the 1980/1990s. The cemetery is still in use as evidenced by the burial of LOYD ANTHONY LOYA who died in 1995.