The Iwo Jima War Memorial monument includes the following men in an oval formation:


CPL Harlon Block, KIA

Weslaco Tx.


PFC Rene A. Gagnon

Concord, New Hampshire


PM2/C John H. Bradley

Antigo, Wisconsin

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SGT Michael Strank, KIA

Johnstown, Pennsylvania


PFC Franklin R. Sousley, KIA

Flemingsburg, Kentucky


PFC Ira H. Hayes

Sacatone Reservation, Arizona

Block is at the front of the memorial while Hayes is at the rear and the others are in the middle as shown above. Number six being on front, number five on the left, Number four on the right, number three behind five, number two behind four, and number one at rear.

Block, Strank, & Sousley were all killed in action (KIA) during the month of March in 1945. Hayes died in 1955 on the Sacatone Reservation, in Arizona. Gagnon died in 1979 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Finally, Bradley was the most recent one to die in 1994 in Antigo, Wisconsin.