Field work and research:

Santos V. Canales

April 25. 1996-Iwo Jima War Memorial.

MMA Museum & Gift Shop 1:30pm-1:45pm

Date of research at Harlingen Public Library:

April 26,1996, 1pm-3:15pm

Date of this report , by Santos V. Canales:

April 27, 1996, 6pm-7pm

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Source of Information [see file]:

1.Leaflets from Marine Military Academy

2.Valley Morning Star [newspaper],Harlingen ,Texas,dated February 19,1995

3.Valley Morning Star,dated February 17,1995

4.Valley Morning Star,dated February 16,1995

5.Valley Morning Star,dated February 20,1995

6.Plaque at the site of grave

7.Notes:From display at the Marine Military Academy Museum and Gift Shop,

located next to the Iwo Jima War Memorial Site