Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley

"El Deportado" (one who is deported) is an example of one ballad. It is sung by Los Hermanos Banuelos. They were one of the early groups to record. The following is the actual version of this ballad.

El Deportado

Voy a contarles senores, (2X)

I'm going to tell you, gentlemen, (2X)

todo lo que you sufri,

all about my sufferings.

Desde que deye me patria, (2X)

Since I left my country, (2X)

por venir a este pais.

to come to this nation.

Serian las diez de la noche, (2X)

It must have been about ten at night (2X)

comenzo un tren a silbar.

the train began to whistle.

Oi que dijo me madre,

I heard my mother say,

---Ahi viene ese tren ingrato

"There comes that ungrateful train

que a me hifo se va a llevar.---

that is going to take my son."

---Adios mi madre querida, (2X)

Good-bye my beloved mother, (2X)

echame su benedicion.

give me your blessings.

Yo me voy al extranjero,(2X)

I am going abroad, (2X)

donde no hay revolucion.---

where there is no revolution."

Corre, corre mauinita, (2X)

Run, run little train, (2X)

vamonos de la estacion.

let's leave the station.

No quiero ver a mi madre

I don't want to see my mother

llorar por su hijo querido

cry for her beloved son,

por su hijo del corazon.

for the son of her heart.

Al fin sono la campana, (2X)

Finally the bell rang, (2X)

dos silbidos pego el tren.

the train whistled twice.

---No lloren mis companeros, (2X)

"Don't cry my friends, (2X)

que me hacen llorar tambien.---

for you'll make me cry as well."

Pasamos pronto Jalisco, (2X)

Right a way we passed Jalicso, (2X)

Ay que juerte corria el tren.

my, how fast the train ran.

La Piedad, luego Irapuato

La Piedad, then Irapuato

Silado luego La Chona,

Silado, the La Chona,

y Aguascalientes tambien.

and Aguascalientes as well.

Al recoradar estas horas, (2X)

When I remember these hours, (2X)

me palpita el corazon.

my heart beats.

Cuando devise a lo lejos, (2X)

When I saw from afar, (2X)

a ese mentado Torreon.

that infamous city of Torreon.

Cuando Chihuahua pasamos, (2X)

When we passed Chihuahua, (2X)

se noto gran confusion,

we noticed great confusion.

Los empleados de la aduana, (2X)

The empoyees from the customhouse, (2X)

que pasaban revison.

who were checking things out.