Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley


"Corridos", or ballads, are story songs that have been sung for over 100 years in Mexico and along the U. S. border. Some of these ballads are Mexican in origin but are part of the Mexican-American heritage and tradition. Others are the result of the ongoing conflict which often results when the Mexican and Anglo civilizations come into contact. These ballads range from factual newspaper-like accounts giving the date and place of an event or a tragedy that took place to embellishments of everyday life.


Some "true corridos" are traditional stories from the last century as well as recent tales. These ballads often detail heroic actions by brave individuals who stood up to authority in defending their rights. Those who appreciate "corridos" or have witnessed such performances know how these ballads affect the listeners, who by their "gritos" and singing along, become active participants and relive the stories in a very personal way.


Sample Song