Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley

Legends & Stories

A legend is a long-told story or a group of related stories about a person or a place that is popularly believed to have some historical truth. In medieval Europe, legendries were written accounts of the miraculous lives of saints.


Many legendary figures were national heroes, figures like King Arthur, Pancho Villa of Mexico, or Gregorio Cortez of South Texas, people to whose lives are attached cycles of legends that mix fact and fantasy. Legendries are also accounts that relate marvelous exploits, each bearing the halmark of the hero's dedication to a particular set of worthy qualities.

We hope you enjoy some of the legends and stories that enrich and acculturize the diverse population of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

The Legend of Gregorio Cortez

Pancho Villa

Dancing With a Ghost

La Llorona

Jacinto Trevino

The Texas Rangers

Don Pedrito Jaramillo

Lady in Black

The Handsome Stranger

Ungrateful Snake

All or Nothing

The Devil's Lagoon

Ghost of South Fred Booth


Roadrunner and Coyote