Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley

Tejano music is a type of music which has evolved with its surroundings. There is no specific sound. Artists follow the flow of the fans. With the accordion, drum and the bajo sexto, Tejanos were able to create their own music.

At first, that is all it was, dancing music. In the 1940's Valerio Longoria introduced lyrics. His lyrics were somewhat flowery. In the 1950's Isidiro Lopez revolutionized the Tejano sound by using Tex-Mex. This brought us closer to the type of music we now have. In the 1960's and 70's, Little Joe and the Latinairs, The Latin Breed, and others infused the orchestra sound into the Tejano sound. Taking their influences from the Pop, R & B and other forms of music. In the late 70's early 80's, Brownsville Native Joe Lopez y El Grupo Mazz introduced the Keyboard sound to Tejano. This was influenced by the Disco sound of the era.

Since then, Tejano music has really taken off. Huge valley successes have been El Grupo Mazz and Little Joe, to name a few.