Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley

People Comments

I teach in a middle school in San Benito, Texas (7th grade students). To my surprise, many of our students are so into Tejano music. Below are some of their comments on the subject.

"I feel that it is good because it shows off our culture."

Jacob Jaramillo

"It is old yet it still sounds good."

Henry Garcia


"I see it as a good stepping stone into the future." Corina Gallegos

"It is nice, it gets your attention without having to use profanity."

Eveline Machado

"I like Tejano because that is what comes from the Valley. I like Tejano music, I mostly hear my C.D.s from this Tejano band, Elida Y Avante. She's my favorite Tejano artist. Tejano is my tradition in music and it comes from my culture."

Gilbert Rodriguez Jr.

"I like Los Tucanes because I like their music (de Accordion). I also like los Tigeres del Norte because I know them. Years ago, Raul, an old band member used to live next to me; so I know them all. They have great music."

Brenda Martinez

The students are our foundation for the future. Their comments are so important for the future of our culture.