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Tejano music is so popular in the Rio Grande Valley that they even have their own radio station. KKPS-FM Que Pasa 99.5 is a six year old radio station who specializes in Tejano music. This radio station has opened the door to many young artists like Letty Guval y Grupo Expresso. Its loyal listeners have turned this radio station to the number one rated Tejano/Spanish station in the Rio Grande Valley. This is an honor in itself.

The people said, "We want more." If you know anything about the Rio Grande Valley, you know that we do not have many clubs. Given that information, it was shocking to find out that the Rio Grande Valley created its own Tejano Saloon. It opened its doors on January 30, 1997. The club has been in existence for about one year.

Tejano Saloon


The Tejano Saloon entertains Tejano fans daily by playing Tejano hits and show casing new local talent. For example, on opening night, the Tejano saloon showcased the talents of Edingburg native Alma Pulido, daughter of the great Robert Pulido and younger sister of the very popular Bobby Pulido.

The Tejano Saloon is surely to be around for years to come because the demand is high and the people of the Rio Grande Valley will not allow it to die.