Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley

Dancing With An eighteen year old girl was walking down the highway sobbing. A man driving a red convertible stopped and asked if she was alright. He then offered her a ride and she agreed. The girl got in and they both took off. As they drove, he found out that her name was Samantha and asked if she would like to go with him to the ball. She agreed however she still needed to go home and get dressed. Because it was so late, she had to sneak out of the house and agreed to meet him at the same place where he had picked her up. He told her, "You look beautiful!" She thanked him and they drove off to the city.

The Devil

As Told To: Flora Torres

By: Sergio L. Torres

When they finally got there, everyone appeared rather unusual to Samantha. Everyone seemed very pale and ghost-like. As soon as the gates opened, everyone pushed and shoved to get inside. It was beautiful. Roy and Samantha danced till the clock struck 12:00 o' clock. Roy told her that he was going to drop her off at the highway because he needed to be home as quickly as possible. The next day Samantha was passing by the exact same highway and she came upon a small shack that said, "Roy's Village." She knocked twice and an old women opened the door slowly as it started to creak. "May I help you?", the lady asked. "Yes, I am looking for a young man named Roy". The old woman replied, "My son died three years ago. "The old woman asked her if she would like to see his grave. Samantha answered, "Yes". So the old woman took her to the backyard and there was Roy's grave. It read on the grave, Roy Peterson (1968-1989). May He Rest In Peace. Samantha finally came to the conclusion and realized she had danced with the devil.