Tenure of the Postmaster's Office
from May 11, 1907 to 2000

Col. Sam A. Robertson

Colonel Samuel A. Robertson was the first postmaster and he served in three post offices in Cameron Country. The town was not yet incorporated when Colonel Robertson was commissioned as postmaster of Diaz, Texas on April 16, 1907. On June 18, 1934, Mr. Robertson was appointed postmaster of Del Mar on Brazos Island on the southwestern tip of Brazos Island. This area is more commonly today as Boca Chica Beach. He founded the town Del Mar and served as postmaster there until his death.

Byrd H. Frasier

The second postmaster, Byrd H. Frasier was a leading real estate agent in San Benito.

Lucius O'Bryan

Lucius O'Bryan, the third postmaster, was captain in the army. Due to bandit troubles, many thousands of troops were stationed in and around San Benito. Raids by Pancho Villa caused havoc along the border until General John Pershing arrived to drive Villa and his troops into deep Mexico.

James L. Crawford

James L. Crawford, the fourth postmaster was a real estate developer who resigned on September 10, 1920. At that time Chauncy L. Milner who was assistant postmaster was appointed acting postmaster. Mr. Milner had served in the post office at Cuero.

Floyd Worth

On April 20, 1922 Floyd Worth was commissioned postmaster. He was also retired army.

Alex Bowie

Alex Bowie was commissioned May 31, 1934 by the famed James A. Farley. He had worked for the government during World War 1.

Whitman Gordon Plaisted

On June 30,1959 Whitman Gordon Plaisted become Acting Postmaster and served until George W. Finch was commissioned September 28, 1962. Mr. Plaisted owned a gift fruit packing business. Mr. Finch was commissioned by the late John F. Kennedy. Mr. Finch was commissioned September 28, 1926. Mr. Plaisted owned a gift fruit packing business. Mr. finch was commissioned by the late John F. Kennedy. Mr. Finch sold life insurance and was a salesman for the Maryland Club Coffee Company.

Al Santa Ana, Jr.

Al Santa Ana, Jr. was commissioned May 14,1983 and is still serving in this capacity at the present time. He had worked at the Brownsville, Texas post office.

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