Inspection and open house were held Saturday, April 15 from 2 to 5 p.m. Visitors inspected the new building to the strains of Eddie Werner's Orchestra. More than 3,000 persons inspected the new federal facility. Postal employees were at their newly assigned places and directed patrons and visitors about the building. Bouquets of roses decorated the shiny new furnishings. Music in the lobby was provided during the reception by a Hawaiian trio.

Visitors were greeted by F.S.Worth, postmaster, in his office. C.L.Milner, Assistant Postmaster, whose offices were in the southeast corner, welcomed visitors from the cool, well-ventilated interior used as the post office proper as they started their inspection of the upper floor. Limit set for finishing the building was May 6.

Post Office workers sell stamps and personally help patrons

Following the dedication and staring May 1, 1933 the International Boundary Commission occupied the entire mezzanine floor. The Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Quarantine occupied the west side basement room. The Immigration Service was assigned the front space in the basement. A room on the north side basement was allotted to the Civil Service Commission.

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Postmaster Worth told San Benito citizens they could call for their mail at the new federal post office for the first time on Sunday, April 16, 1933.

Today, Post Office workers have to go in at 4:30 -8:30 a.m. on weekdays . On the weekend they go in at 5:30-8:30a.m.