Photo by Stefanie & Samantha

Naming of the Hospital

Members of the hospital committee and other interested towns people attended the Jan. 16 meeting in Charles Bowie's office when it was unanimously decided to honor the memory of Dolly Vinsant in naming the hospital, provided the suggestion was approved by her family. Present for the meeting were Everett Russell, Felix Gay, Dr. C. D. Dawson, Charles Bowie, A. M. Hervey, C. D. Oakes, Brad Mason, Walter Hardy, W. W. Housewright, Dr. H. L. Scales Jr., LeeRoy Crawford, Dr. M. Hass, Andrew Bowie, Rudy Bendixen, John Benson, Paul Hill, J. G. McCandless, John Prentiss, J. W. Spradley, A. A. Thompson, Alex Bowie, and R. M. Collins.