The Sounds of Kiskadees

Our neighborhood is full of the sounds of Kiskadees! Even when I visit my parents who live 1/4 mile north, I hear the familiar "kis ka dee" (heavy on the kis, light on the ka, and draw out the dee.)

But it is our backyard that bounces with the concatenating sounds of the many Kiskadees that live here all year long. They have 2 distinct calls. The famous "kis ka dee" and the straight sounding "wheep!" It seems that when the birds are calling each other, they use the "kis ka dee" and when alerting each other about an intruder or danger, they use the screeching "wheep".

Roger Tory Peterson in his Birds of Texas Field Guide suggests the sounds a Kiskadee makes are "get-ter-heck" and "wheep!"

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